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Basic information about the project Best Employer and the conditions for participation:

“Best Employer Award” Employees' choice

First employee satisfaction research in Serbia

The aim of this study is to determine the factors of human resource management, on which companies in Serbia should further work on, in order to create successful teams and achieve better business results, as well as to recognize and reward companies that take care employee satisfaction the most.


By participating in the "Best employer"research, you will receive:

a detailed report that covers 80 different employee satisfaction factors - with quantitative and qualitative analysis and recommendations
an opportunity to show your own employees that you care about their opinion and their overall satisfaction
positive PR aimed towards your employees as well as the general public
an honest opinion through an anonymous survey of employees

Winners will also receive additional benefits such as:

the stamp "Best Employer" to use in your promotional materials
additional PR for your company

Research method

The research for the Best employer

is conducted through an anonymous questionnaires filled in by employees.

Employees fill in the questionnaire:

The survey contains demographic questions (gender, age, total years of professional experience, years of experience in your company, education, sector, job position level) as well as 80 statements that can be classified into these seven categories:

Corporate communications
Working conditions
Organization of work
Development opportunities
Interpersonal relations
Employee loyalty
Workplace satisfaction

The questionnaire also contains an open question,in which employees can give their opinion about what else the company could do to further increase the employee satisfaction

In addition to the predefined 80 questions, after signing the contract for the project, the employer may add another 5 additional questions that are not included in the basic form of the survey. Those additional questions would help the employer to find out the opinions of employees regarding the issues of particular interest (random questions in the survey will be charged extra for the price of 5.000 rsd ).

In this way, the company allows its employees to assess the quality of their workplace, the employer’s attitude towards them and/or the relationship with their colleagues.

Analysis of results

Analysis of the employees’ answers based on the Best employer survey provides information about the level of employee satisfaction regarding every single issue mentioned in the questionnaire.

In addition to the level of employee satisfaction based on individual questions, you will get a report that includes a comparison with other registered companies in your industry, as well as comparison to all the companies participating in the survey.

With quantitative analysis, you will also get a qualitative analysis of results, with recommendations for possible improvements.

Terms and prices


Preconditions for participations are:

companies with at least 20 employees,
operating in Serbia for at least one year,
in order to participate in the "Best Employer for Persons with Disabilities" part of the project, a company must have a minimum of 10 employees with disabilities.

Participation fee: